Established in 1987 and continues its operations on 35.000 m2 closed, total 55.000 m2 area at Taysad Insdustrial Zone, Kocaeli, Turkey.
Ersel Ağır Makine, installs turn-key Mineral Processing Plants and produces equipments for Mining, Cement, Energy industries.
Our mission is to sustain the sustainability of R&D and NPD operations and we continue to work on the larger capacity and size of mills and equipment for the mining sector as well as working on localization activities that will reduce our country's external dependency.

As Ersel Ağır Makine, we are determined and able to respond to the needs of the Mining Industry at a high rate without sacrificing sustainable quality while producing our machine and equipments with the advantage of having our own foundry Gürsetaş Castings, by successfully implementing the requirements of the international quality assurance systems.
Ersel Ağır Makine, increases its global brand awareness with the overseas sales of the turn key plants, machines and equipments and strengthens its position in the both domestic and international markets. In this direction, we have added new clients from Australia, UK, Russia, Azerbaijan and Norway to our customer portfolio.